18 October 2009

Crime Fiction Alphabet, Summarising letter B

The Alphabet in Crime Fiction - a Community Meme

The letter for the week beginning 12 October was B

Contributions to your Crime Fiction Reading
Thank you to all contributors.
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Dorte H said...

I really think I should switch to your alphabet game. My problem is that I like the Scandinavian one (very simple; you can post about anything related to the letter in question), but it is a community of 100 blogs, and none of them seems to blog about books or crime. Besides, it is absolutely out of the question to visit another 100 blogs every week so I feel like some kind of parasite there.

Marg said...

I am very late, but I had added a contribution for the letter B! Now to decide what to write about for C, and hopefully get it done on time.


Kerrie said...

Marg, your entry on Mr Linky appeared not to have stuck, so I added it manually, and also updated the summary page.


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