13 February 2010

oz_mystery readers turns 7

A bit belated but news nevertheless.
oz_mystery_readers, the online Yahoo discussion list that I created back in 2003, has turned 7 this week.

We are a small, but reasonably active discussion group, with a focus on Australian crime fiction. However we also discuss non-Australian authors, and we welcome members from all over the globe.
We have quite a number of Australian crime fiction authors among our membership.

Coincidentally we have exactly the same number of members as we did this time last year: 127.

We hold regular books discussions so add the book to your reading schedule and join in!

Earlier this year I posted our Baker's Dozen of best crime fiction reads for 2009.

Our current discussion book choices:
  • March 5-15, A CARRION DEATH by Michael Stanley
  • April 5-12, DEEP WATER by Peter Corris - joint Ned Kelly winner 2009
  • April 17-24, SMOKE & MIRRORS by Kel Robertson - joint Ned Kelly winner 2009

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Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Well-done! : ) That's quite impressive.


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