21 February 2010

Sunday Salon - 21 February 2010

The poll on my blog for the next 10 days or so asks you how old the author of the book you are currently reading is. You can leave a comment too, and tell me what you are currently reading.

This week there will be a new edition of the Agatha Christie Blog Carnival, and in the Crime Fiction Alphabet we will be tackling the letter S.

Posted on my site in the last week or so
News you may have missed
What I'm reading 
  • now - CROSSFIRE - Miyuki Miyabe
  • audio (in the car) - THE CONCRETE BLONDE, Michael Connelly
  • Kindle - THE RUNNER, Peter May
Challenge Update


Dorte H said...

I just tried to check Vicki Delany´s age but couldn´t find it. I have finally got into the ARC you were so kind as to send me last year. I am a bit headachy today and have several other things to do on my last holiday so I have only read 3-4 pages, but it looks really promising.

Kerrie said...

Dorte according to Wikipedia Vicki was born in 1951.

Dorte H said...

Thank you.

I changed my vote from ´don´t know´ to 50-59.

Good night from Denmark.


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