12 February 2011

Review: CANDIED CRIME, Dorte Hummelshoj Jakobsen

e-book self-published through Smashwords, 31 Jan 2011
Words: 10203 (approximate)
Language: English
Source: I bought it.

Ebook Description
CANDIED CRIME, DJ´s Daim Stories (Daim/Dajm is a Scandinavian candy bar) vol 1, the first volume in a planned series. Thirteen flash fiction stories, a collection of cosy and humorous crime, some of which have been published earlier on Dorte's blog.

Table of Contents
 1.The Knitting Club
 3.Mushrooms and Toadstools
 4.The Princess on the Pea
 5.A Nightly Burger
 6.End of Christmas
 7.Spring Cleaning
 9.Trick or Treat
 10.Tea for Ten
 11.Toffee´s Christmas
 13.The Red Shoes

My take:
I sincerely hope we see a lot more of Dorte Jakobsen's writing in publication in the near future. It is hard to write a review of this book as there is so much variety in the flash fiction stories, from vignettes which stir the imagination to longer pieces which introduce the residents of Knavesborough, the location of a cozy that Dorte is currently working on.
Humorous crime isn't usually my cup of tea but this is delightful reading, and I certainly want to read more of Dorte's writing.

My rating: 4.4

About the author:
Dorte Hummelshøj Jakobsen was born in Denmark in 1961. She works as a teacher of English, but in her spare time she reads, writes and reviews crime fiction.   One of her stories appeared in "Discount Noir", a collection of flash fiction stories, in 2010 (editors Steve Weddle & Patricia Abbott).  See my post Published Friends.
Catch up with Dorte's blog:  DJ´s Krimiblog

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Anonymous said...

Kerrie - I'm so glad you reviewed this! I agree; Candied Crime really is delightful. I am very much looking forward to more from Dorte, too! And thanks, by the way, for mentioning my blog :-).

Dorte H said...

Oh, Kerrie, what a wonderful birthday present!

And it is quite okay that cosy crime is not your taste. That´s why I sort them so the first volume is cosy, the next one more serious.


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