26 February 2011

Where to find things on my blog: a guided tour

I really must get around to doing another of those "virtual tours" but in the meantime here's a text version to assist you in navigation and exploration.

Just recently I installed some "pages" and you'll find these running along the top of the blog page:
  • Crime Fiction Alphabet
    this is just designed to take you to the stages on the journey of this year's Crime Fiction Alphabet.
    This week has been the letter G. Remember if you blog and like your crime fiction you can post a contribution to this.
  • Reading Challenges Update
    here I am keeping a running tally of how I'm going in the various reading challenges I've signed up for.
    I'm doing pretty well actually, 30 books read so far, and lots of "overlapping"
  • Latest additions
    Basically this shows the books I've read and the reviews I've written in the last 2 months
  • Authors A-Z
    this is an A-Z index of all the authors (and titles) of the books I've reviewed since the beginning of 2008
  • All Reviews (ranked)
    this shows nearly 400 reviews in order of my rating of the book. Don't put too much emphasis on the differences within a rating like 4.9 or between 4.9 and 4.8.  But I've tried to think about my "top reads" - those that get a rating of 5 - so they really are in order, but there is an element of "brain fade" that plays a part.
  • 2011 Reviews
  • 2010 Reviews
  • 2009 Reviews
  • 2008 Reviews
Other links at the top
  • Blogs I'm watching
    this takes you to Crime Fiction Journeys, a list of 100 blogs by crime fiction addicts which gives you a link and a few words from their latest post. Great if you are looking for some blogs to follow or just want to see what people are talking about.
  • Agatha Christie Carnival
    each month I host a monthly Agatha Christie Blog Carnival. This will also tell you about the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge.
 In the right hand column look for
  • Featured Posts
  • Breaking News - news items I think visitors will be interested in
  • My Book Review Policy & Guidelines
  • My reviews on Library Thing
    all my reviews are also posted on Library Thing - in fact there are more there than on this blog as my spot there is older
  • Follow me - lists 5 ways you can follow this blog
    See me also on FaceBook: Kerrie Smith and on Twitter: smiksa
  • Fair Dinkum Crime - an Australian blog that specialises in Australian crime fiction
  • Search this blog - a Google search that does a pretty good job
  • Customised Crime Fiction search - this is a Google search that I've created that searches about 100 sites mainly blogs about crime fiction. Great if you are looking for reviews of a particular book or author.
  • Revolver Map - a widget that shows who is visiting at the moment
  • Audiobook Jukebox - I contribute links to my audiobook reviews to this
  • Recent Library Thing entries
  • Most Friendly Discussion Room: Crime and mystery fiction on FriendFeed
  • Most Recent Reviews: a widget that list my most recent 5
  • What I blog about: my top tags
There's lot more - but explore for yourself!


Anonymous said...

Very helpful, Kerrie - thanks

Dorte H said...

I know you have sometimes struggled to keep your blog neat and tidy despite all the information you share with your readers - I think you have done a good job of it now!


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