27 February 2011

Review: DARK BLOOMS: Two Crime Fiction Shorts, Melissa F. Miller

A Brown Street Books Publication 2011
available only as an e-book
Source: complementary copy from the author

The threat begins with the death of the goldfish and then the dog. The new nanny Lei seems heaven-sent and then Grace realises she has a serious problem on her hands.

All her life Violet has been managed and organised by others, her father, her husband, her best friend, and now her doctor. And now her independence is threatened again. But Violet is nothing if not resourceful.

There's a bonus to these two shorts - the opening chapters of IRREPARABLE HARM, Melissa F. Miller's legal thriller available April 2011.
Hemisphere Air's Flight 1667, a Boeing 737 enroute from Washington National to Dallas-Fort Worth International slams into the side of a mountain at full speed and explodes in a fiery wave of metal and burning flesh, killing all 156 people on board.
This has the potential to ruin the airline overnight. And was the crash an accident?

My take:

DARK BLOOMS is without doubt a ploy to whet the reader's appetite for more by this author.
Both are well crafted quirky stories with unpredictable endings, and yes, I came away hooked. The promise of intriguing plots seemed to have been carried through to the opening chapters of IRREPARABLE HARM.

My rating: 4.2

DARK BLOOMS is available now at Amazon and at Smashwords in a variety of e-formats.  You can learn more about Melissa at her website and at her blog.
And, of course, follow her on twitter.

I've added DARK BLOOMS to my count for the e-book challenge

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Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Oh, those do sound intriguing... thanks for the review :-)


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