13 February 2011

Sunday Salon - 13 Feb 2011 - book recommendations

Book recommendations are something I'm never short of - what to read next I mean, what should go on my list of books to look out for.  Getting time to read them is another story.

Where do you get your recommendations from?
Most of mine come from online friends, from lists and "rooms" that I belong to, from blog posts, and award short lists.
I don't always add a title to my lists straight away. But then I will see a title listed for the second or third time, or read a review of it, or it comes up as a discussion book somewhere, and I know I must get hold of a copy some time.

Earlier this year I had a post Best Crime Fiction Reads for 2010. I had been collecting suggestions in late 2010 and 23 fellow bloggers suggested 220 titles, 173 different ones altogether, which I listed here.
I did the same thing in 2009, and if you look at lists like these you'll never be stuck for new books to look out for.

Another place to find recommendations: Crime Fiction Alphabet.
This is a meme running here every week, and anyone can join in at any stage.
This week participants are suggesting books or authors related to the letter F.
Check out what was listed last week for the letter E. Authors included Ethel Lina White, Rhys Bowen, Edgar Wallace, Barry Eisler, Margaret Erskine, R. J. Ellory, Ruth Rendell, Martin Edwards, George Muller, G.M. ford, Carli HIassan, Randy Wayne White, David Liss, William Deverell, and Clare Francis

TBRN (To Be Read Next)
  • now - FROZEN TRACKS, Ake Edwardson
  • then - D-E-D DEAD! , Geoffrey McGeachin.
  • then - BOUND, Vanda Symon
  • now on Kindle - OPERATION NAPOLEON, Arnaldur Indridason
  • now on audio - DIED IN THE WOOL, Ngaio Marsh
  • next Agatha Christie - MURDER IS EASY
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Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Like you, I am never short of good ideas for books I want to read. Never. The issue is time. And like you, I get my best ideas for what to read next from bloggers (including you) that I trust and from "reading rooms." And my TBR keeps on growing..... ;-)

kathy d. said...

I get book ideas from websites and blogs which I follow, including MIP, Petrona, RTR, and some I like in the U.S., including Jen Forbus' and Lesa Holstine's. But others, too. I try to read all of the book reviews at sites I read regularly.

If I see a book a few times, I'll check it out. If someone has a rave review of a book, I'll see if my library has it and reserve it.

Also, I also look at book award nominations, as for the Dagger.

Now I'm looking at the Barry and Edgar nominees, but will look further, read a few reviews to see what I want to read of those.

My problem is that my library often doesn't get global crime fiction until much later than it's available elsewhere, or the system will buy one copy of a known book, so it's hard to get, or they make it noncirculating--a big drag. (They've done this with several Australian authors, which is maddening!)

If the library doesn't have it and I can't wait, as for Teresa Solana or Elly Griffiths' books or "Witness to Night," I'll order them from the infamous Book Depository.

Expense is getting to be a hassle, so I'm now looking at Abe Books in the U.S., which sells used books. I've found a Liza Marklund book, an old Nero Wolfe and another book there at reasonable prices.

When I read U.S. authors, the library usually has those; it just takes awhile. But feeding this global habit is a bit more complicated--unless I happen to be lucky enough to win a book, which is appreciated.

bermudaonion said...

I know what you mean about finding the time to read all the books you want to!


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