23 February 2011

Crime Fiction Journeys - your passport to great blogs

Crime Fiction Journeys must be one of my best kept secrets, or so it seems from the fact that it attracts so few daily visitors.

It lurks at the top of my blog as Blogs I'm watching

It's purpose is to provide a jumping off space to well over 100 crime fiction fiction blogs worthy of your attention.
It uses RSS feeds from the blogs to provide an ever changing kaleidoscope of blog post snippets.
It originally began as my blog roll of favourite blogs but gradually outgrew the space available in my sidebar.


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Thanks for the reminder; and for including my blog :-).

Dorte H said...

I use it when I want to search something (as the FriendFeed search facility is very unreliable).

Susan said...

I don't know whether to be thrilled at all the crime reading blogs out there, or in despair at having enough time to check them out! thanks for posting about it, I know I went there once, and found some blogs I liked through it.

kathy d. said...

Thanks for the mention of this section of your blog. I had not seen it nor used it, but since I read about this here, I have checked in the Crime Fiction Journeys section several times.

I follow many of the same blogs, but a few are new to me, so I'll be checking in with them, too.

And I can access Friend Feed easily this way.

When I saw the 85 other blogs on the right side, I admit I was daunted. I looked at a few (I do check with some of them), but realized I can't look at all of them and read the books I aim to read...so I have to prioritize.

Thanks, though, for the Journeys reminder. I will look at that daily.


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