10 June 2011

Forgotten Book: DUPE, Liza Cody

This week's Friday's Forgotten book for the meme hosted by Patti Abbott on Pattinase's Friday's Forgotten Books appears in my records for 1993.

DUPE, published in 1980, was another brilliant debut novel, winning the John Creasey award.

Publisher's blurb:
When Tom Jackson employed Brierly Security to investigate his daughter's murder, Anna Lee expected it to be yet another tedious case. Instead she finds herself following Deidre's trail into the violent, seedy and decidedly unglamorous world of the film industry for clues.

DUPE was the first in Cody's Anna Lee series:
1. Dupe (1980)
2. Bad Company (1982)
3. Stalker (1984)
4. Head Case (1985)
5. Under Contract (1986)
6. Backhand (1991)

Cody followed this series with another but more recently appears to have written only short stories.
Her website is here.


Maxine Clarke said...

I really liked the Anna Lee books and it is a great pity that she stopped writing (Martin Edwards agrees). Was Dupe called something else in the UK? I don't remember that specific title though I know I've read and enjoyed all this series and others of her books, eg Bucket Nut (about a subsidiary character in the Anna Lee books) which you also don't mention here so I suspect that's another one with a different UK title?

Randy Johnson said...

Read this one not to long ago, the only one of her books I've got.

George said...

DUPE was an outstanding novel. The market for this kind of book pretty much evaporated.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Loved DUPE.


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