25 June 2011

CrimeFest 2011 in retrospect

It has taken me a while to get myself organised to post a few photos from CrimeFest but here they are.

Karen and Dorte
Kerrie and Dorte
Kerrie, Dorte and Karen

Martin in action
The winning Quiz team
The excess luggage weighing 20 kg!


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Thanks for sharing those lovely 'photos. I'm so glad you got the chance to go :-).

Bill Selnes said...

How many books did you bring back? It looks like a wonderful collection.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing it Kerrie.

Kerrie said...

I think there were 25 books and 17 audio sets

Maxine Clarke said...

Great pictures, Kerrie! And that pile of books - wow....I did hear a rumour that you were downloading quite a few e-books during crimefest too - I wonder how many that makes in total (if not excess baggage!)?

Dorte H said...

Cheers, Kerrie :)

Lovely to see the pictures.

Kerrie said...

I downloaded 38 samples from Kindle Maxine - does that count?

Uriah Robinson said...

What superb photos.
Kindles and Crime Fest are an expensive combination unless you are downloading samples. ;o)

Maxine Clarke said...

I think so, Kerrie ;-)


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