11 June 2011

Reviewing Kindle books

I am about to commit to print some reviews of books that I read when I was travelling.
What they have in common is that they are all books that on my Kindle.

I am toying with the vague feeling that reading them on my Kindle affects the style of review I am able to write.
For example, checking up on some detail is not as easy on the Kindle as with a made-from-paper book where you can quickly flip over pages to locate some words you remember as being on "top left".

I described some of my techniques in an earlier post.

I try to compensate by making annotations and marking text on the e-book as I go and then by checking these after I've finished reading. But that really depends on whether I've marked the text in the first place. I have finished reading some books and found I have not marked or annotated anything.

Of course you can search the e-text itself for particular references but that is a rather slow method as the Kindle will throw up all bits of text containing that search term. When there are 100s, this not particularly useful.

While I was travelling I got into the habit of writing a draft review in a notebook immediately after completing the book. I hope that helps.

If you are also reviewing books you've read in e-book format, you might like to leave a comment about how you feel these reviews compare with reviews you've written of books in other formats. Are they skimpier? Is the format influencing your style of review?


Marce said...

Interesting post. I find reading from the kindle is better reviews because of highlighting text, words, etc. I do not do that with printed books.

Also when I have ideas I can type it in and save as a note on the page.

I think there were 2 I remember you saying you were going to read, I look forward to your review.

Hope vacation was amazing.

Bernadette said...

Like Mace I find it easier to write reviews from eBooks because I do a lot of highlighting as I read and then at the end I can just look at all the highlighted bits of text. With print I try to remember to have post it notes with me (I won't highlight for real even on a book I own).

bibliolathas (skiourophile) said...

I think I might quote bits of the books more for Kindle reviews just because I can cut and paste without retyping. Lazy!


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