1 June 2011

My reading - May 2011

I'm still travelling - well, temporarily stationary in Abu Dhabi - so the reviews for most of my reading for May 2011 are not on my blog yet but here is the summary. The reviews will be done progressively over the weeks following my arrival home at the end of next week.

  1. 4.4, THE VANISHING OF KATHERINA LINDEN, Helen Grant (29 May)
  2. 4.8, SILENT VOICES, Ann Cleeves (27 May)
  3. 5.0, THE WRECKAGE, Michael Robotham (25 May)
  4. 4.8, THE HANGING WOOD, Martin Edwards (20 May)
  5. 4.6, SAD CYPRESS, Agatha Christie (15 May)
  6. 3.8, DIAMOND EYES, A.A. Bell (13 May)
  7. 3.5, WHAT WAS LOST, Catherine O'Flynn (9 May)
  8. 4.1, LIQUORICE TWISTS, Dorte Jakobsen (9 May)
  9. 4.7, WHITE SKY, BLACK ICE, Stan Jones (9 May)
  10. 4.8, KEEPER OF LOST CAUSES, Jussi Adler-Olsen (5 May)
  11. 4.5, VENGEANCE ROAD, Rick Mofina (4 May)
  12. 4.4, EYE OF THE RED TSAR, Sam Eastland (2 May)
You can see there are some good reads on my list including 3 books that scored 4.8 that must go on your TBR.
Michael Robotham's latest THE WRECKAGE is my pick of the month though, and among my best reads for the year.

I'm travelling pretty well in my challenges - currently reading the final one for the Canadian reading challenge, and on my 72nd book for the year.

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Marce said...

Look forward to your review on Wreckage. Enjoy the traveling.


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