23 June 2011

Forgotten Book: THE BENEVENT TREASURE, Patricia Wentworth

This week's Friday's Forgotten book for the meme hosted by Patti Abbott on Pattinase's Friday's Forgotten Books appears in my records for 1993.

Publisher's Blurb
Taken in by her two great-aunts, Candida Sayle fears she may become the next victim of the Benevent Treasure, which is said to bring death to anyone who touches it, while Miss Silver investigates the death of a former Benevent employee.

According to Fantastic Fiction THE BENEVENT TREASURE (publ. 1954) is #26 in the author's extensive and popular Miss Silver series.
The first in the series was published in 1928, and the last (#32) was published in the year of the author's death in 1961.
Miss Silver is sometimes compared to Agatha Christie's Jane Marple.Miss Silver is a retired governess who becomes a private detective. She works closely with Scotland Yard, especially Inspector Frank Abbott.

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bibliolathas said...

I'm a huge Patricia Wentworth fan but this wasn't one of my favourites. I thought she was starting to lose it a bit about here in the series (tho' having said that I did enjoy two other late ones - The Gazebo and The Alington Inheritance). There's a lot more violence in the later ones as compared to the gentler, cozier early books.


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