26 June 2011

Sunday Salon: 26 June 2011, a new Crime Fiction Reading Challenge

Good morning fellow Sunday Saloners.

MYSTERIES in PARADISE is the home of the Crime Fiction Alphabet Reading Challenge.
The 2011 edition of this popular meme is entering its final letters: X, Y, and Z.
It has been very successful with an average of 15 or so participants each week suggesting books to read and authors to find.

I have decided to follow it up this year with a new challenge: Crime Fiction on a EuroPass
These challenges don't necessarily involve participants in new reading for the challenge itself (although a list of books that you'd like to read could be a result), but allow you to point to books you've already read, or reviews you've already written, or to dabble in a bit of research.

Although the challenge relates to crime fiction reading, you don't have to be a crime fiction addict like I am to participate. Crime Fiction on a EuroPass begins on August 1. The blog post has a Mr Linky where you can sign up.

Check out the countries we'll visit in the 12 week schedule.

As we approach the middle of the year begin thinking about your best crime fiction reads so far for 2011.
I'll be collecting lists here on MYSTERIES in PARADISE from July 1. I'll put up a special post about it and several reminders.

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