4 July 2012

Mid year stocktake - how are all those challenges going?

Quite a number of my fellow bloggers reported earlier in the year that they were reducing the number of challenges they were participating in.

I've persisted in taking on reading challenges because I believe they give me some points of comparison from year, some sense of direction, and prevent me from focussing just on one form of the genre. I do vary the challenges from year to year.

So how am I going this year? Pretty well actually, although there are some like the Global Reading Challenge, New Zealand authors, and "not crime fiction" that need a bit of specific attention.

The reading challenges I've joined
 Personal reading challenges
  • American authors: currently 11/20
  • translated, currently 13/20
  • New Zealand, currently 0/4
  • new to me: currently 29 - last year 60
  • not crime fiction: currently 0 
My detailed summary page.

So how are your reading challenges going? 


kathy d. said...

That is very impressive.

I can in no way read that quickly, but on my Global Book Challenge, I've read 10 of 14 needed and am reading a number of Australian women authors and Canadian writers.

I see that my pile of U.S.-written and -published books is the largest, but that isn't intentional.

It's harder to get global books in the library here. It takes a long time and due to austerity budgeting, not that many global books are purchased.

I expect that by the end of the year, I'll accomplish what I set out to do.

Maxine Clarke said...

Yes, very impressive. I am hopeless. But I suppose it depends in part if you are allowed to count the same book in more than one challenge ;-)

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Well done you! I am impressed. There's no way that I could keep up with all of those challenges.

TracyK said...

Wow, you have 80 books read this year already! I have read half that many this year. My goal for the year is 52 (one a week), so at least should surpass that goal.

I am new to challenges this year and just started blogging. I am doing 15 challenges and have completed three. I have completed 24 mysteries for the Mystery and Suspense challenge, 5 books for the European challenge, 6 books for First in a Series challenge and still tracking all of those. Doing pretty well on the others, except...

Worried about hitting 15 new authors this year for the New Authors Challenge, because I am also working on Finishing a Series challenge, with 14 more books to finish there. But it is all fun.


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