10 July 2012

Current activities on MiP

Like astral collisions, the coincidence of the end of June, the beginning of July, the beginning the week, and the end of the quarter, means there are lots of things happening on my blog at present.

Here is a summary of the memes and various "collection" points.
Crime Fiction 2012

Pick of the Month is an opportunity to tell readers about the best crime fiction that you've read in the previous month. A new meme runs at the beginning of each month.

There are usually 15 or so participants and it is a great way to keep up with what other crime fiction addicts are reading, as well as making your own contribution.

Pick of the Month for June is here.

Best Crime Fiction 2012 asks readers to nominate their best reads for the first six months of this year.

These are not necessarily recently published books and eventually I'll aggregate the various lists and publish them by title and by author.
Readers can participate in this meme even if they don't have a blog, by simply leaving a list of their best reads as a comment.

This is the 5th year I've run this activity and here is a summary post for previous years.

The current post is here.

The Crime Fiction Alphabet invites bloggers to participate in a weekly meme linked to the letters of the alphabet over a period of 26 weeks.

It has about a dozen participants and results in some very interesting lists.

Find out more about it on this page. This week we are up to the letter H but you can join any time, and also miss a week or two if need to.

New to me authors is a quarterly meme that gives bloggers a chance to highlight crime fiction books that they have read in the last 3 months where the author is "new" to them.

Participants are asked to indicate their best reads, so again readers will be able to locate some quality reading.

The Agatha Christie Reading Challenge is one of my oldest projects, bringing together a group of readers who are reading Agatha Christie titles on a regular basis, either in order of publication, or simply as they come to hand.

There is a monthly blog carnival with its own blog site where participants list their reviews of Agatha Christie titles, news items and discoveries, and their progress in the challenge.

The project began in January 2009 and has every sign of continuing indefinitely. It welcomes new participants, whether they are just beginning on their Agatha Christie reading journey, or whether they are already addicted AC readers.


Irene said...

You do indeed have a whole lot going on in your blog. I feel like I've been reading The Stand forever, and I'm not nearly finished. It's ever so long, and I find myself avoiding reading it. I'm not sure I'm a Stephen King fan, the book is getting a little better, but still way too long for my pleasure. You'd think he was being paid by the word. Perhaps I'll be more participatory next time.

Nan said...

Whenever I visit, my first thought is that Kerrie is indefatigable! I'm in awe of all you do. Really.


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