28 August 2012

Crime Fiction Alphabet: O is for Octavia

I've decided that for my participation in the Crime Fiction Alphabet in 2012 I will highlight recently read books or their authors.

So they'll all come from my 2012 Reviews. Or at least that's the plan.

So this week my choice is THE NOBODIES ALBUM by Carolyn Parkhurst

Wait, you say. Shouldn't you have run this one last week? That's N!

Aha. Good to see you are on your toes. I realised last week that I was in trouble for O so I decided to take a leaf out of Margot Kinberg's book and use the name of a character instead.

Here is the synopsis of the story courtesy Amazon

Bestselling novelist Octavia Frost has just completed her latest book—a revolutionary novel in which she has rewritten the last chapters of all her previous books, removing clues about her personal life concealed within, especially a horrific tragedy that befell her family years ago.

On her way to deliver the manuscript to her editor, Octavia reads a news crawl in Times Square and learns that her rock-star son, Milo, has been arrested for murder. Though she and Milo haven’t spoken in years—an estrangement stemming from that tragic day—she drops everything to go to him.

The “last chapters” of Octavia’s novel are layered throughout The Nobodies  Album—the scattered puzzle pieces to her and Milo’s dark and troubled past. Did she drive her son to murder? Did Milo murder anyone at all? And what exactly happened all those years ago? As the novel builds to a stunning reveal, Octavia must consider how this story will come to a close.

Read more from my review.

Check what others have chosen for O.


Bev Hankins said...

Goodness, this sounds intriguing. My TBR list just got a little longer.
That's so easy to do on this criminal alphabet journey....

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Oh, I've heard such great things about this novel. I'm very keen to read it actually, so I'm glad you reminded me of it.

Unknown said...

I love the premise. Thanks for the heads up.

Peggy Ann said...

That's it. I have to give up cooking, laundry, cleaning... I will never get all these great books read! I'm hoping my library has this one.

TracyK said...

I agree. The book sounds very interesting. I read your review and several others and they all enjoyed it. I am glad you featured this one for the Letter O.

kathy d. said...

This is definitely on my TBR mountaineous list, but I will read it someday.

The website Read All Day has a terrific list of how to read constantly, including while doing laundry, while vacuuming, while doing basically everything -- except sleeping and talking.

The situation could also be helped by audio books, which so many bloggers seem to do, and which is an excellent way to devour more books.

Scott said...

Sounds interesting :)


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