3 August 2012

Agatha Christie Blog Carnival July 2012 now complete

Many thanks to those who contributed to the July edition of Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Blog Carnival.

Several book reviews, some money to be made, and find out why Yvette is happy.

1. Discovery: Poirot book sells for > £40,000 at auction
2. Poirot Investigates, Becky's Book Reviews
3. Review: THEY CAME TO BAGHDAD - Kerrie
4. Happy Days are here again.. Yvette @ in so many words...
5. Why Didn't They ask Evans?@Classic Mystery Hunt
6. Review: DEATH IN THE CLOUDS - Vanda Symon
7. Roberta Rood - THE PALE HORSE, part one
8. Roberta Rood - THE PALE HORSE, part two
9. Review: MRS McGINTY'S DEAD -MiP
10. Nemesis@Classic Mystery Hunt
11. Best Miss Marple Books@Classic Mystery Hunt

We collect the original links for each monthly carnival on the Agatha Christie Reading Carnival site and the August Carnival is now open.

We are interested in book reviews, discoveries, news items and progress reports.
If you are reading the Agatha Christie titles in order of publication, or even just as they come to hand, tell us how you are going.

1 comment:

Nan said...

I haven't been reading as much AC lately because I'm trying not to buy for the Kindle or Nook. I have a few print books I want to read, and soon I hope.


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