10 August 2012

National Bookshop Day Australia 2012

Many thanks to Random House Australia which sent me this reminder/invitation.

I must admit I am not buying nearly enough paper books.

And here is a card I picked up a couple of weeks ago for the Matilda Book shop in Stirling in the Adelaide Hills which is celebrating 30 years this year. Isn't it great?

And it is a reminder of how important books are to your family.
Make sure you read to your children and grandchildren.

2012 is Australia's National Year of Reading

And we are getting closer to National Reading Hour on August 25!

The book being read around Australia on that day is Alison Lester's ARE WE THERE YET?

It tells the story of her family's journey around Australia in a camper van. This great adventure captures the essence of the country – the cities and the countryside; the European settlements and the special places of the First Australian.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - I love it! National Bookshop Day! But then, I think that anything that reminds us of the value of reading and its importance in our lives is a good thing.


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