29 August 2013

Crime Fiction Alphabet 2013: U is for Chris Uhlmann

Following a pattern established in 2012, my contributions to the Crime Fiction Alphabet in 2013 will mainly feature authors or books that I have read recently.

This week's choice is THE MARMALADE FILES by Steve Lewis & Chris Uhlmann.

These are Australian authors and THE MARMALADE FILES is currently short listed for the 2013 Ned Kelly award for First Fiction. The book is very topical as here in Australia we are currently in the final days of the run up to an election for our National Parliament.

Chris Uhlmann is a political journalist working for the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

Synopsis (Publisher)

A sticky scandal. A political jam. THE MARMALADE FILES will be the most-talked about political satirical thriller of 2012!

An imaginative romp through the dark underbelly of politics by two veteran Canberra insiders. When seasoned newshound Harry Dunkley is slipped a compromising photograph one frosty Canberra dawn he knows he′s onto something big. In pursuit of the scoop, Dunkley must negotiate the deadly corridors of power where the minority Toohey Government hangs by a thread - its stricken Foreign Minister on life support, her heart maintained by a single thought. Revenge.

Rabid Rottweilers prowl in the guise of Opposition senators, union thugs wage class warfare, TV anchors simper and fawn ... and loyalty and decency have long since given way to compromise and treachery.

From the teahouses of Beijing to the beaches of Bali, from the marbled halls of Washington to the basements of the bureaucracy, Dunkley′s quest takes him ever closer to the truth - and ever deeper into a lethal political game.

See my review.

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