22 September 2013

Of centuries...

At the beginning of this week I reached the milestone of 100 books read so far this year.

I'm not sure why centuries are such milestones but we celebrate them in sport, in age, in exams and more.

With over three months to go, it looks like I stand a good chance of reaching about 140 books by the end of December,

I find it fascinating to consider what the 100 books are composed of.
I keep track of these stats through my Reading Challenges Update page. 

Some of the stats of course overlap from category to category.

8 Agatha Christie titles
20 e-books
31 titles by Australian authors, 15 of them by female authors
20 titles for the 2013 Global Reading Challenge
39 books by British authors
50 books by new-to-me authors
11 titles by American authors
7 historical crime fiction
6 for the Nordic challenge
6 for the Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge - but most if not all these are Christie's
9 books by Canadian Writers
9 are translated
7 that I have classified as not crime fiction

So, if I had to write a profile:
This reader loves crime fiction and shows a predilection for British and Australian authors.
One in every five books is read on her Kindle,
and one in every two books is by a new author.
She also enjoys crime fiction titles in translation from around the world.


Anonymous said...

Well done you, Kerrie! That's most impressive, and you've got some interesting overall profile information.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! A milestone!
I don't know how you do it, but it's awesome.

Karen Russell said...

I suppose there's really no difference between #99 and #100 but it does *feel* like there is. Congrats!


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