17 September 2013

Crime Fiction Alphabet 2013: X is for Hauxwell and Fox

Following a pattern established in 2012, my contributions to the Crime Fiction Alphabet in 2013 will mainly feature authors or books that I have read recently.

X is my most challenging letter so far and I've had to choose a couple of Australian female authors whose surnames contain X.

They are IN HER BLOOD by Annie Hauxwell and COLD GRAVE by Kathryn Fox

The first is a newbie on the Australian crime fiction scene and IN HER BLOOD is her first novel.

Synopsis (Penguin Australia)

Everyone is hooked on something.

It's not that easy to kick the money habit. After the world meltdown forces London's bankers to go cold turkey, people look elsewhere for a quick quid: the old fashioned East End.

So when investigator Catherine Berlin gets an anonymous tip-off about a local loan shark, the case seems straightforward – until her informant is found floating in the Limehouse Basin.

In another part of town, a notorious doctor is murdered in his surgery, and his entire stock of pharmaceutical heroin stolen. An unorthodox copper is assigned to the case, and Berlin finds herself a reluctant collaborator in a murder investigation.

Now Berlin has seven days to find out who killed her informant, why the police are hounding her and, most urgently of all, where to find a new – and legal – supply of the drug she can't survive without.

Read my review.

The second author is well established and COLD GRAVE is her 6th outing in a series featuring Dr Anya Crichton.

Synopsis (Pan Macmillan Australia)

Forensic physician Dr Anya Crichton needs a break. Cocooned from the world aboard a luxury cruise ship, nothing can interrupt time with her precious six year old son.

Peace is shattered when the body of a teenage girl is discovered shoved in a cupboard, dripping wet. With no obvious cause of death and the nearest port days away, Anya volunteers her forensic expertise.

She quickly uncovers a sordid pattern of sexual assaults, unchecked drug use and mysterious disappearances. With crew too afraid to talk, she is drawn into the underbelly of the cruise line, its dangerous secrets and the murky waters of legal accountability.

Shadowed by a head of security with questionable loyalties, Anya can trust no one. Her family's lives depend on what she does next.
One thing is certain. There is a killer on board.

Read my review.

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Anonymous said...

Kerrie - Nice choice for X, and you've reminded me that I want to read In Her Blood.

Marina Sofia said...

Creative use of the X, very interesting!

Shannon Frech said...

Hello Kerrie,

My name is Shannon Frech and I am a book publicity associate. I love your blog--particularly your international focus. I have a review copy of Gordon Ferris' new book, "Truth Dare Kill." Gordon is from Scotland and is being heralded as the new Ian Rankin. I just know you'd love "Truth Dare Kill." If you're interested, could you please send me an email at sfrech@ipgbook.com with your preferred mailing address so I can get the book in the mail to you soon? Thanks and happy reading!


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