2 January 2015

What I read in December 2014

Crime Fiction Pick of the Month 2014
Considering the fact that December is such a busy month, I was very pleased with the amount of reading I did.
I was trying hard to finish off a couple of memes, and many of the books were read on my Kindle.
  1. 4.3, THE SHADOW WOMAN, Ake Edwardson - translated
  2. 4.3, CHILDREN OF THE REVOLUTION, Peter Robinson - Canadian author
  3. 4.5, ANTIDOTE TO MURDER, Felicity Young - Australian author
  4. 4.5, THE FORGOTTEN GIRLS, Sara Blaedel - translated (Danish) 
  5. 4.4, NO ORCHIDS FOR MISS BLANDISH, James Hadley Chase - British author, US setting
  6. 4.4, THE RULES OF THE GAME, Georges Simenon  - translated but set in USA
  7. 4.5, ENIGMA OF CHINA, Qiu Xiaolong - set in modern Shanghai 
  8. 4.8, A FEARSOME DOUBT, Charles Todd - audio book, set in 1919
  9. 4.0, MURDER UNDERGROUND, Mavis Doriel Hay - Vintage crime, written in 1934
  10. 4.4, THE FLIGHT OF THE FALCON, Daphne du Maurier - vintage crime, written 1965
  11. 4.4, A TIME TO KILL, John Grisham - vintage crime, written in 1989 
My Pick of the Month was A FEARSOME DOUBT by Charles Todd

See what others have listed as their pick of the month.

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