27 October 2010

You know you're hooked when...

I've had my Kindle2 for 14 months now, have read over 30 books on it, and am well and truly hooked.
It's got to the stage where friends seeing me read a made-from-paper book feel compelled now to give me a gentle ribbing about "old" technology.

But in the last couple of days I've been aware of a couple of brain twists that show me the depth of my ensnarement in my Kindle.
Twice now I've looked for the little white toggle button that lets me look up a word meaning in the dictionary/thesaurus.
The problem is that what I have had in my hand is not my Kindle but the "old" technology, made-from-paper book that I'm currently reading.

Of course the other twist is, when you read about an interesting book, and you think "I wonder if Amazon has it", and before you know it your fingers have done the walking, and you are already on the brink of purchase.

Sad, eh?


Unknown said...

I just received my Kindle yesterday and I know I'm going to be hooked. I love the way the screen looks and the screensaver pics.


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - I'm so glad you're enjoying your Kindle. At some point, I will probably save up the money and get one; people I know who have them seem to really love them.

Bernadette said...

I adore the dictionary feature on my Sony too Kerrie. I'm only reading my 5th eBook at the moment but I can already see it won't be long until I'm madly double tapping words in physical books and waiting for their definitions to appear.

Margot said...

I know what you mean Kerrie. I've only had my Kindle since June but I'm already hooked. It is dangerous because it's so quick and easy to buy new books. I just came back from a three week trip with only my Kindle and it was so great. The only problem I see? This is the first month I haven't read an Agatha Christie because I own a copy and didn't want to download it to my Kindle. Now I have to catch up somehow.

Margot said...

One more thing about my Kindle: When it goes to sleep it gives me a picture of an author. I LOVE the one of Agatha Christie which I'm looking at right now. I hope your Australian edition of Kindle gives you that as well.

Marg said...

That whole instant gratification thing is one of the reasons why I didn't get a Kindle. I knew that I would be instantly buying books to my hearts content instead of giving it some thought.

kathy d. said...

Very interesting, but I'm going to stay a Luddite with my paper books, which I love.

A point made here is very good; once one has a Kindle, one is always tempted to buy another ebook. That would be like living inside a candy store to me--neverending temptations and purchases.

I don't mind. The library and I and Book Depository and Amazon get along fine. I can wait for books I want to read.

Maria said...

I do love the convenience of not having to wait for a book to be delivered--gimme! Well, yeah. It's a little dangerous and can get expensive...


But seriously. To not have to check the library. To not have to go to the bookstore. To just...order it. And there it is!!!


kathy d. said...

One wrinkle dawned on me: You probably can't loan out a Kindle book; you'd have to loan out your own Kindle to a friend with the book on it.

Probably no 2nd or 3rd chances on one expense, is there? I don't know how it works. Or is it on your Kindle permanently and anyone can read it there?

With a paper book, 20 people can read it; you just have to loan it out or donate it to the library or a charity, too.

Kerrie said...

You've hit one of the thorny issues right on the head Kathy: Amazon announced just recently that they will soon be introducing a feature that will allow you to lend a book from your Kindle to a friend for 14 days. During the time the friend reads it on their Kindle, the owner of the e-book won't be able to access it on her Kindle. The loan will expire after 14 days.

If you own more than one Kindle, and have them registered to your account, then you can download a book to up to 6 devices, depending on whether the publisher has imposed any restrictions.


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