20 October 2010

Read on my Kindle

So far this year I have read 106 books, with approximately 1 in 4 read on my Kindle, which I must confess goes almost everywhere with me. Sadly there are only 3 Australian books on the list. Hopefully the balance will eventually get better.
Here they are (I've included my ratings)
They are all linked to the reviews I've written.

Belinda    Bauer    BLACKLANDS     5
Chester D.    Campbell    THE MARATHON MURDERS     4.1
Agatha    Christie    THE LABOURS OF HERCULES     4.3
William    Dietrich    DARK WINTER     4.2
Barbara    Fister    ON EDGE     4.5
Leighton    Gage    THE BLOOD OF THE WICKED     4.9
Tess    Gerritsen    THE SURGEON     4.7
Heather    Graham    GHOST SHADOW     4.2
Kerry    Greenwood    FORBIDDEN FRUIT    4.3
Kerry    Greenwood    DEAD MAN'S CHEST     4.3
Noel    Hynd    MIDNIGHT IN MADRID    3.8
Brian    Kavanagh    BLOODY HAM     4.2
Stephen    King    UR    4.3
Henning    Mankell    THE MAN FROM BEIJING    5
Peter    May    FREEZE FRAME     4.6
Peter    May VIRTUALLY DEAD    4.2
Peter    May    THE RUNNER    4.6
Alexander    McCall Smith    THE DOUBLE COMFORT SAFARI CLUB     4.3
Rick    Mofina    THE PANIC ZONE    4.8
Jacob    Ritari    TAROKO GORGE    4
Luis Miguel    Rocha    THE LAST POPE    4.3
Santiago    Roncagliolo    RED APRIL     4.6
Maria    Schneider    EXECUTIVE RETENTION     4.2
Jon    Talton    DEADLINE MAN    4.4
Joseph    Teller    OVERKILL     4.4


Bernadette said...

It is very sad that more Aussie books aren't available in this format but I live in hope :)

Jose Ignacio Escribano said...

Amazing Kerrie. Well done.

michael said...

As I understand it, regional book rights has caused road blocks to non-US (aka foreign) books making it to Amazon America. I know there are several English books I'd like to read available with Amazon UK only.

Then there is the slowness of small press mysteries to publish in both print (nearly always trade format) and e-book.


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