10 October 2010

Sunday Salon - 10 October, plans are made to be revised

How often do you have to revise your reading plans?
The truth is that I have to do it pretty often.
I borrow lots of my books from the library, and the due date seems to creep up on me with little warning, although in reality I usually have a one month loan period.
It seems I always underestimate how long a book is going to take me to read, and suddenly the book is due back. In reality I only read 2-3 books a week - you'd think I'd learn!

That is why books that have appeared in my TBRN (To Be Read Next) block will disappear off the landscape for a few weeks and then reappear later. They have heard the call of the library!

Read & Reviewed this week:
  1. 4.3, THE LABOURS OF HERCULES, Agatha Christie (10 October)
  2. 4.3, THE FIVE PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN, Mitch Albom (5 Oct)
  3. 5.0, BLACKLANDS, Belinda Bauer (4 Oct): Winner of CWA Gold Dagger
  • now - FEAR THE WORST, Linwood Barclay
  • next on Kindle - CITY OF VEILS, Zoe Ferraris (Saudi Arabia)
  • next Audio - WHILE THE LIGHT LASTS, Agatha Christie
  • then on Audio - THE SKULL BENEATH THE SKIN, PD James
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Bernadette said...

It might be time for an intervention with respect to you and your library borrowings Kerrie :)

In reality I'm not much better at managing things, having a TBR pile of around 150 myself. Because I have so many books of my own these days I never borrow more than 3 library books at a time (I don't put my name down for more than that at a time either) and I don't say yes to very many ARCs - both of those categories of books are time sensitive and I can see how they'd play havoc with any plans I might have. I do have a TBRN list myself and I am trying to restrict myself to one audio book and 1 print/ebook at a time

Mason Canyon said...

I seem to be revising my reading schedule all the time. Life has a way of putting a dent in the time I think I should be reading. LOL

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chelsea said...

Yes, life does do that, come along and interfere with the reading plans.

I'm reading and enjoying Malla Nunn's second book but it's taking longer than I thought due to relatives visiting, paperwork, dvd's (of Ngaio Marsh stories) that are soon due at the library and must be seen (do these count as books? Maybe videobooks?), the weekend newspapers and crosswords.

I am very impressed by the number of books many bloggers are able to read per week or month.

kathy d. said...

Sorry, but chelsea is Kathy D.


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