2 October 2010

What I read in September 2010

One of those good solid reading months, with a couple of standouts.
Three Australian authors for you to check out. **
One New Zealand author (NZ), one Canadian (C), and one translated (T)
No Agatha Christie's but I have a couple lined up for October.

My pick of the month is Australian author Malla Nunn.
  1. 5.0, A BEAUTIFUL PLACE TO DIE, Malla Nunn (30 Sept)**
  2. 4.5, SILK CHASER, Peter Klein (25 Sept)**
  3. 4.5, TALKING ABOUT DETECTIVE FICTION, P.D. James-audio (21 Sept)
  4. 4.3, DEAD MAN'S CHEST, Kerry Greenwood (18 Sept)**
  5. 4.5, UNSPOKEN, Mari Jungsted (15 Sept ) T
  6. 3.8, MIDNIGHT IN MADRID, Noel Hynd (12 Sept)
  7. 4.6, ALL THE COLOURS OF DARKNESS, Peter Robinson (9 Sept) C
  8. 4.5, ROYAL FLUSH aka ROYAL HEIST, Lynda la Plante - audio (8 Sept)
  9. 4.2, CUT & RUN, Alix Bosco (4 Sept) NZ
I've read 98 books so far this year, so I won't have any trouble at all in completing the 100 book challenge.
17 of the books are by Australian authors and I'd like to get that up to at least 20 by the end of the year, perhaps 25.
19 of this year's books so far are audio books, so there's another challenge (20 audio books) I won't have any trouble completing.

How about you - how are your targets going?

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