6 March 2012

Disaster has befallen!

Regular visitors to my blog will notice that much of my content has disappeared.
I clicked on a "try the updated Blogger interface" invitation and my old template simply vanished.
With it has gone many of my gadgets, my separate pages etc.

My blog is 4 years old and this is without doubt the worst thing that Blogger has ever done to me.
Please be patient while I try to re-establish at least some of it.

If you are looking for Links I follow (aka Crime Fiction Journeys) they are here.


bermudaonion said...

Oh, how frustrating! Good luck reconstructing it all.

Bev Hankins said...

Yikes!!! I hope you are able to get it back together with as little hair-pulling-out as possible.

(And people wonder why I resist change....This is exactly why.)

kathy d. said...

Gosh, Kerrie, how awful.

I sympathize. What a dastardly deed Blogger has done.

I hope this works out.

Maxine Clarke said...

What a terrible thing to happen. For what it's worth, it looks to me as if everything is here, but the header is different. You can get a free Wordpress blog, set to private, and back everything up there if you want. Then if anything irretreivably bad happens re Blogger, you can switch. Good luck with sorting it out (though it looks to me as if you have, well done!).


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