1 March 2012

What I read in February 2012 - crime fiction

My local library has again served me very well this month. Half the books I read or listened to came from the library.

4 of the books had historical settings. ***

And my Pick of the Month is again an Australian crime fiction title, and once again a debut novel.

There are in fact 3 Australian authors (one claimed by dint of residency) on this month's list AAA, and all worth the trouble of finding. Two of those are set in Australia.

  1. 5.0, A FEW RIGHT THINKING MEN, Sulari Gentill  - library book, Australian, PICK OF THE MONTH *** AAA
  2. 4.5, DEATH OF AN EXPERT WITNESS, P.D. James  -audio library book
  3. 4.4, THE MASK OF DIMITRIOS, Eric Ambler  - Kindle***
  4. 4.8, SILENT FEAR, Katherine Howell  - Aussie author AAA
  5. 4.5, DEAD IN THE WATER, Aline Templeton  - library book
  6. 4.3, THE HOT ROCK, Donald E. Westlake  - Kindle
    Crime Fiction 2012
  7. 4.6, THE COLD COLD GROUND, Adrian McKinty - Australian AAA
  8. 4.7, DEATH COMES AS AN END, Agatha Christie  - Kindle
  9. 4.3, THE CASE OF THE POISONED CHOCOLATES, Anthony Berkeley  - Kindle
  10. 4.4, BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP, S.J. Watson  - library book
  11. 4.4, THE RESURRECTION MEN, Sara Fraser - audio book from the library ***
  12. 4.5, HAVOC IN ITS THIRD YEAR, Ronan Bennett - library book ***

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