8 March 2012

Review: SPARKLING CYANIDE, Agatha Christie

  • originally published 1945, aka REMEMBERED DEATH
  • This edition in a collection called SEVEN DEADLY SINS  published by Harper Collins in 2004, pp 353-513 
  • Source: my local library
  • sleuth: Colonel Race
Synopsis (from Agatha Christie.com)


    bibliolathas said...

    I really liked the settings of this one - the restaurant/club and the unfriendly house. A clever plot and a love story - a good combination. I want to reread this one again now!

    Sarah said...

    I had forgotten Colonel Race was in this book - thanks for reminding me.

    Sarah said...

    I love this one as well. The love story along with the characterization in the novel is really good. I had forgotten Colonel Race was in the novel as well!


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