10 March 2012

Edgar Nominees for Best Novel and First Novel

The Edgar nominees for Best Novel have been announced. The winner will be announced on April 26.

THE RANGER by Ace Atkins (Penguin Group USA - G.P. Putnam's Sons)
GONE by Mo Hayder (Grove/Atlantic - Atlantic Monthly Press)
THE DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X by Keigo Higashino (Minotaur Books)
1222 by Anne Holt (Simon & Schuster - Scribner)
FIELD GREY by Philip Kerr (Penguin Group USA - G.P. Putnam's Sons - Marion Wood Books)

As usual I am a long way from having read these.
I have GONE on my Kindle, FIELD GRAY currently home from the library, and I'm now reading 1222.
I have read THE DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X  and rated it at 4.5
Looks like I'll have to track down THE RANGER.
I find it a bit strange that 2 of them are translated novels.

Which ones have you read? Which will win?

And I've read none of the First Novel nominees.

RED ON RED by Edward Conlon (Random House Publishing Group - Spiegel & Grau)
LAST TO FOLD by David Duffy (Thomas Dunne Books)
ALL CRY CHAOS by Leonard Rosen (The Permanent Press)
BENT ROAD by Lori Roy (Penguin Group USA - Dutton)
PURGATORY CHASM by Steve Ulfelder (Minotaur Books - Thomas Dunne Books)


Sarah said...

I liked 1222 but I didn't think it was fantastic. 'Field Grey' is a very good book. I haven't read any of the others. The selection seems a but arbitrary for me.

Maxine Clarke said...

Haven't read any of the first novel, but have read 3 of the "best novel". Of those, I think Gone is much better than 1222 or Suspect X. Good to see two translated novels on the list, pity that they had to choose these particular two.

Shelleyrae said...

I haven't read any - yet! Sigh the list just gets longer!


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