3 January 2014

Best Crime Fiction Read in 2013 - a meme

Best Crime Fiction Read 2013

I may be a bit late in creating this meme, as I am aware of a number of lists appearing already.
These lists have been very useful in the past.

However I have had a number of requests for such a page so here it is.

I won't make any attempt to collate the books that each link contains, but I would be grateful if you would add your own link or any others that you find.

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gautami tripathy said...

Have a great 2014, Kerrie!

2013 was horrible readingwise. I read trash mostly to hike up my reading in the end months. the way I was going, I would have finished only 20 novels. But I read 64....most being mushy romances. Yes, they are fast reads and help in adding upto the numbers!

I am not proud of it..!

This year I have joined a few Reading Challenges to help me read better!!


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