12 January 2014

Travelling again

This picture is a little misleading because we are going nowhere near deserts.

But travelling we are, today, for about 7 weeks.

We are first of all off to the snow (and family) in Indianapolis for a couple of weeks
and then we join a cruise from LA to Adelaide.

So the end result could be rather erratic posts here, because I really don't know what my Internet connections will be like. But rest assured, I'll be reading.


Anonymous said...

Have a lovely trip, Kerrie! And if you have a bit of time in Southern California, I'd love to see you!

Anonymous said...

Have a safe and great trip Kerrie.

Irene said...

Bon Voyage

Peggy Ann said...

have a wonderful time and just think of all the posts you'll be able to write when you return!


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