4 January 2014

Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Blog Carnival for December 2013

A well patronised blog carnival for December 2013 with plenty of reviews and news.

And of course we are off to a flying start for the new year.
The carnival for January 2014 is here.

If you have been participating in the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge, why not post a progress report and submit it to the blog carnival?

Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Participants
1. Review: THIRD GIRL @ In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel
2. Review: THE BIG FOUR (TV drama) @ Thinking about books
3. Review: DEAD MAN'S FOLLY (TV drama) @ Thinking about books
4. Review: The Idol House of Astarte @ Clothes in Books
5. Notes on HERCULE POIROT'S CHRISTMAS @ Christie in a Year
6. Margaret @ BooksPlease - Review: N or M?
7. Notes on DEATH ON THE NILE @ Christie in a Year
8. Margaret @ BooksPlease - Review: Ordeal by Innocence
9. TracyK - Hercule Poirot's Christmas
10. Notes on ONE, TWO, BUCKLE MY SHOE @ Christie in a Year
11. Notes on MRS McGINTY'S DEAD @ Christie in a Year
12. Margaret @ BooksPlease (My Year of Reading Agatha Christie's books)
14. Write Your Own Christie - Help create a new novel
15. Notes on TAKEN AT THE FLOOD @ Christie in a Year
16. Review: Hercule Poirot's Christmas @ Tea Time with Marce
17. Notes on DUMB WITNESS @ Christie in a Year
18. Notes on MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS @ Christie in a Year
19. Review: DEATH IN THE CLOUDS @ In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel

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