2 January 2014

Summarising 2013, looking forward to 2014

Well, as my 2013 Reading Challenges Update shows, I had a pretty good reading year in 2013, even though I didn't reach all my reading challenge targets.

The reading challenges do help to give my reading choices some structure although I don't allow them to restrict me.
I ended up reading 137 books, just a little less than in 2012 when I read 140, and certainly less than the 150 I aimed for. 

I read fewer books on my Kindle than I had thought I would, less translated books and fewer Nordic/Scandinavian books.

During the year I ran a Crime Fiction Alphabet challenge, a monthly carnival for the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge, another year of the Global Reading Challenge, a Pick of the Month meme, and a New-to-me authors meme.

There are a couple of things I have let slide, like collecting people's top reads for 2013, but I ahve found I've had to prioritise a bit.

My challenge results:
 Personal reading challenges
  • American authors:  15/20
  • translated,  13 - last year 27
  • New Zealand,  2/4
  • new to me: currently 59 -  48
  • not crime fiction:  9
I've decided that my challenges for 2014 will not be very different.

I am managing the following challenges:
And I'll continue to collect


Bernadette said...

You are definitely an addict Kerrie. I'm only doing my usual AWW challenge plus I have decided to do the USA one but I imagine it will take 5-6 years. I've also signed up for a 'read your own TBR pile' challenge for obvious reasons. That's plenty for me to be going on with :) Happy reading in 2014

Anonymous said...

Kerrie - I am very impressed with the number of challenges you take on and complete. You accomplish an awful lot. Well done you on what you've completed and I wish you well in your 2014 reading.

Anonymous said...

Happy reading Kerrie. I very much admire what you do Kerrie. From my side I plan to post regularly on your Pick of the Month and your quarterly New-to-me crime fiction authors. Besides have signed only on The Global Reading Challenge for 2014 just to encoure me to read from different countries/continents.


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