3 January 2014

Wrap Up Post: Australian Women Writers 2013

It seems that I may not have written a wrap up post for the
Australian Women Writers Challenge 2013 so here it is.

Level of challenge: read only, or read and review

Stella: read 4 – if reviewing, review at least 3
Miles: read 6 – if reviewing, review at least 4
Franklin: read 10 – if reviewing, review at least 6

  1. COLD GRAVE, Kathryn Fox
  2. 4.8, THE MISTAKE, Wendy James
  3. 3.9, THE PRICE OF FAME, R.C. Daniells 
  4. 4.7, THE BETRAYAL, Y.A.Erskine 
  5. 4.3, TAMAM SHUD, Kerry Greenwood 
  6. 3.8, JENNIFER SHOT - THE FIRST SHOT, Patricia Kristensen 
  7. 4.0, MURDER WITH THE LOT, Sue Williams
  8. 4.2, THE AFFAIR, Bunty Avieson 
  9. 4.1, MANLY MURDERS: A MOTHER WITHOUT A CHILD, Gunilla Haglundh  
  10. 4.7, IN HER BLOOD, Annie Hauxwell
  11. 4.3, BAY OF FIRES, Poppy Gee 
  12. 4.8, SUFFICIENT GRACE, Amy Espeseth
  13. 4.8, PEOPLE OF THE BOOK, Geraldine Brooks 
  14. 4.5, BURIAL RITES, Hannah Kent
  15. 4.6, GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS, Maggie Groff 
  16. 4.8, UNNATURAL HABITS, Kerry Greenwood
  17. 4.9, SILENT VALLEY, Malla Nunn
  18. 4.7, THE CRY, Helen Fitzgerald 
  19. 4.3, MURDER AND MENDELSSOHN, Kerry Greenwood 
  20. 4.7, THE MIDNIGHT DRESS, Karen Foxlee
  21. 4.5, NO PLACE LIKE HOME, Caroline Overington  
So as you can see, I easily exceeded the upper levels of the challenge, and I must admit to still having 4 or 5 titles still sitting on the TBR pile.

You can see from my ratings that many of these books are at the high level and I believe that a number of the authors rate well against international writers.

I will be entering the challenge again in 2014. Details can be found here.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You leave me in awe, Kerrie.


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