4 January 2014

Found an App

I'm going travelling later this month for about 7 weeks and wondered if there is an iPad App I could use if I don't have access to a computer.

Well, I've found one and that is how I'm creating this post. I searched for "Google blogger" and found a free App. It looks like it can do most things but I suspect the resultant posts are going to look pretty basic.  I can't imagine enjoying one finger typing much. Still if I have wi-fi access then I guess I will be able to put up with the other inconveniences.

I couldn't get the preview screen to work, and getting back to the editing screen wasn't all that straight forward. I suspect a rule needs to be to save before doing anything fancy. It has a spell checker and word prediction so you sometimes don't have to type the full word or worry about apostrophes.  
Not sure if I can add images. I may need to have used them already on my blog. Have just discovered that it can use photos saved on my iPad.

Anybody got any tips or favorite Apps?


Anonymous said...

Kerrie - I don't know if you've run into this or note, but Blogger has an app for the iPhone and iPad. If you haven't seen it, maybe it would work?

Bernadette said...

I use one called Blogsy for wordpress - it's $5 but it does work with blogger as well. It can be handy to have a bunch of empty posts as templates before you set off

Kerrie said...

This is the Blogger App Margot.

Thanks Bernadette, I saw that one and wondered what it was like.

Elizabeth said...

What is the app please? Or if you did name it, I missed it. :)

Please post it...thanks.

I know what you mean about one-finger typing. So difficult for folks who know how to type, but at least the keyboard is a QWERTY keyboard. :) I am a typing teacher and "cringe" when folks type incorrectly. :)

Happy New Year!!

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Kerrie said...

Elizabeth, the App appears to be just called Blogger. I found it by searching the App store for Google Blogger. It was free


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