16 April 2008

Flattery will get you everywhere

Barbara Fister has kindly mentioned me in a couple of places this week and I just thought I'd bring them to your attention as interesting blogs to read.

Last week when she was guest blogger at Moments in Crime she posted Why I read and then tagged a few of us to comment. Reading is such a compulsion with me I refer to selling books second-hand as feeding my habit. Not that I sell many of the books that come my way. I usually pass them on, lend them out. Anyway you might like to read what I wrote and add your own comments, both here and there.

And the Carnival of Criminal Minds has come to Barbara's blog and she has created a wonderful catalogue of even more blogs for you to investigate. Thank goodness most of them are already on my RSS reader. Her blog is an excellent list of pointers. You'll never be without things to read if you follow just a few of them.

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