18 April 2008

What not to borrow, buy or steal

This is really a continuation of my "listening to a book in the car" theme.
Hubby, bless his cotton socks, thought he was doing me a good turn when he borrowed from the library a BBC Audio Crime 2 CD set called FOR LOVE NOR MONEY: Dalziel and Pascoe. Now I love the Reginald Hill books, and throughly enjoy the TV series.

But I looked at this offering- 2 CDS, 2 hours - hrmph I said to meself, abridged!
Little did I know - worse than that!
Here is what the CD cover says: The original soundtrack from the BBC TV series, with linking narration by John Telfer. They didn't mention the wallpaper musak that ran in the background sometimes did they!

Nowhere does it say who wrote the linking narration, but all my instincts tell me it wasn't Reginald Hill. The whole thing is a travesty. Nowhere does it give any credit to Reginald Hill (for his intellectual property at least), but he wouldn't, I'm sure, be too upset at not being associated with this.

Bits of TV audio, Dalziel clumping down the corridor, slurping coffee, and conversation, are interspersed with connecting narration in the 3rd person, all carefully tailored to 1 hour per CD.

I think you will have gathered my opinion of it.
My rating: 2.0 (the lowest I've given this year)

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