27 April 2008

Sunday Salon #6 - 27 April 2008

I think I've overdone it a bit this week - filled people's RSS readers etc. that is. There has been so much to write about!

Summary for the week's postings (reverse order of posting)
  • Weekly Geeks
    A sort of challenge site I've joined. There will be a weekly task/theme. This week the challenge is to find 5 new blogs and comment on them. I think I have really already done that but need to keep better records.
  • Six very random things - a meme
    Crime Scraps tagged me - for 6 random thoughts - and then I had to select 6 victims. I tried to avoid those I had already nominated earlier in the week - also of Uriah Robinson's making.
  • THE OVERLOOK, Michael Connelly
    A review of Michael Connelly's latest book. For me a quick read that I gave 4.6 to. None of my 30 top finds for 2008 have scored less than 4.0
    This one didn't make it into my top 30, took me ages to read, and annoyed me to the point of nearly splatting it on the nearest wall. My rating 2.5
  • Historic Anzac Day dawn service at Villers Bretonneux
    The first time an ANZAC Dawn service has taken place on the Western Front, 90 years on from the recapture of the town by the ANZACS. The television coverage brought back memories of our trip to the Somme a couple of years ago.
  • Theakstons Old Peculier long list for 2008
    The Harrogate festival long list of notable British crime fiction offerings, but, as Petrona points out, only 4 female writers in a list of 20, and a lot of exclusions. Still a good list to sail off to the library with.
  • How important are awards?
    The Amazon Breakthrough Novel award - yet another of those that must write sales cheques for authors.
  • Anzac Day
    The importance of Anzac Day in the Australian calendar, and a few books to look out for.
  • 2008 Gumshoe Awards announced
    Mystery Ink gave their Mystery award to THE TIN ROOF BLOWDOWN by James Lee Burke, its setting Hurricane Katrina. Haven't read it yet but it has made it here from the library.All the awards and nominees are worth looking at.
  • 123 Tagged
    The page 123 tag game. Two of my taggees are still ignoring my overtures. Choosing my victims wasn't easy. If you want me to include you in one of these tagging exercises just let me know.
    Review of an excellent read
  • THE SAVAGE ALTAR, Asa Larsson
    Another excellent book. I'll be looking for the sequel.
Other notes
  • The footy team won last night for the second week in a row
  • Off to lunch to celebrate nephew's 40+ birthday
  • It rained here last night - more promised - very welcome in this drought-ridden state
  • 4 day working week this week was bliss, but too much blogging...both reading and writing


Clare - The Super Mommy Club said...

Wow you have written a lot of posts this week! I signed up for Weekly Geeks to - I thought the first challenge was a great idea and can't wait to see what else Dewey throws at us :)

Anonymous said...

If I could I would send you some of our rain, but I don't know how to post it.


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