16 April 2008


In a previous post I talked about how I love to listen to audio books in the car. This 14 hour 12 CD set is an abridged version of the book (I discovered after listening to it) but it is wonderfully narrated by Richard E. Grant.

A sequel to Follett's very successful book THE PILLARS OF THE EARTH, WORLD WITHOUT END is set in the same cathedral town, Kingsbridge, two centuries later. The story begins just over two decades before the Black Death hit England in 1348. In some ways it is about how English towns emerged from the middle ages, from the dominance of people by the church, and the changes brought not only by pestilence, but also by European traders, and by war. On another level it traces the lives of four children who witness a murder in the forest in 1327, and how their lives interlace in the next 30 years. It gives a lovely insight to a very cataclysmic period of English history.

This is obviously not crime fiction, but my defence is that it has lots of little mysteries embedded in it. Besides Richard E. Grant's reading was magnificent!

Ken Follett's website

My rating: 4.7


Anonymous said...

Hello! Came across your blog via 4MA group. I also saw your library thing. I'll have to check back often, great blog :)

sally906 said...

do mystery readers feel it necessery to defend themselves when they read outside their genre - always linking it to mysteries somehow?

other genre lovers (e.g. Sci fi, Fantasy, historical and romance) seem to be able to read outside their favourite genre with no urge to apologise or justify their choices. but I have noticed that mystery readers do it a lot - I wonder why?

Me? I make no apologies for anything I read :) I go through phases where I'll read a lot more of one genre than another - but never always exclusively one more than the other all the time.

sally906 said...

...errr that should be "Why do" at the beginning of my comment - LOL!!!

My Journey Through Reading... said...

Found it! I am listening to the unabridged version of World Without End. Still a very good read, one of the best audiobooks this year.


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