6 June 2008

Last Day in Abu Dhabi

Tomorrow we begin the long journey home - the 15 hour flight from AD to Sydney, and then the 3 hours or so wait in Sydney, then the 2 hour flight to Adelaide.

So today is the last day with Andy and Kathryn. A very hot 38+ and rather humid so that the city looks a bit like it is shrouded in mists.

We visited a few picnic spots today and in particular paddled in sea water that was almost body temperature.

You probably don't need to be told, but the top picture is Bob and me, and the bottom one is Kathryn and Andy.

We have been very lucky with our visit because Kathryn doesn't start her teaching job until late August so we have had our very own tour guide and limousine driver.

We have almost, but not quite, got used to the constant heat - the day begins at about 36 and sometimes when we've got back into the car, the temp gauge shows 50 but drops back once we are moving to about 43.

Almost everywhere you look there is building going on.
Kathyrn and Andy have a lovely apartment on floors 9 & 10 of Crystal Tower, with 4 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, so we have had our own ensuite, airconditioned quarters.

Not only have we seen lots we have eaten at a variety of places: a top notch Chinese restaurant, Arabic food at least twice, as well as visited many shopping malls and their food courts. We have not had a holiday like this for a long time, and have very much enjoyed ourselves.

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