9 June 2008

Weekly Geeks 6 and 7- Reviews and Photos

Catching up with Marg's Reading Adventures blog, I realised I have missed out on a couple of Weekly Geeks entries.

#6 was Catching up on Reviews week - and I am already up to date with them on my blog but still have to copy them into my database.
I usually do it the other way around- record the details in my database, copy them into my blog, and finally create them in Library Thing. Being away and not having access to my desktop computer meant I had to put them in my blog and Library Thing first.
My 9 most recent reviews (all the books I took with me on my 2 week holiday):
#7 was Photos

If you browse back through my postings you'll see that I've been adding photos rather liberally in the last 2 weeks. I'm a bit worried about what size (in kb) the photos should be- whether I should optimise them for web viewing or not.

I do worry about whether they take longer for the posting to load at the reader's end.

I've found that putting images into blogspot is not always simple, because all images open up at the top and then then you've got to drag them into where you want them and it's not always as simple as it should be. You only get 3 choices left, centre, and right, and if you choose the wrong one when you upload the image then you'll have to delete the image, you can't just move it!
If you look at Last Day in Abu Dhabi you'll see a posting where I had all sorts of problems getting them placed!


Marg said...

You can move images if you put the wrong alignment in them. You just need to go into the html and look for where it says 'float:' and then either left, right or center (usually on the third row of code), and you just change it to the word left, right or center, whichever you want.

Also, if you don't want the image at the top, then copy the html code and then post it whereever you want it in the post.

Kerrie said...

Thanks for that Marg.

I'd prefer if it was able to insert the image at the point where you already have your cursor :-)

I haven't tried playing with the html yet, but I'll try to be braver.

Marg said...

OH, I totally agree. It would be nice if the image went where you put it, but it's not hard to cut and piece the whole string of html. Just don't leave any bits of code behind!

Anonymous said...

I have yet to go to your photos page but thot I'd share that I use Microsoft Office Pic Mgr to compress for websites. I assume it works just fine for this kind of thing. I guess that assumes you have a Microsoft system...

Now I know where to visit to find a good mystery!

The Bookworm said...

I know posting photos can be a pain, marg explains it pretty well in her comment on how to fix it.

I cant remember if I asked before, but is that your birdie in your profile pic? he's soooo cute!

Kerrie said...

No, the bird photo is just one I found Naida


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