29 June 2008

Sunday Salon #15 - 29 June 2008

This week I reached 53 books for the year - about 10 books less than this time last year, but nevertheless very satisfying.

My postings for this week:
    Burke obviously feels very strongly about what happened to New Orleans both as a consequence of the hurricane, but also the human and physical degradation that he witnessed. He does a pretty good job of bridging the story of what he wanted to say about Hurricane Katrina with elements of a thriller. I think perhaps the thriller bit didn't work as well as he wanted, but followers of Dave Robicheaux will no doubt have read of his role in the re-establishment of law and order in post-hurricane New Orleans with interest.
  • Reading the Mind in the Eyes
    Are fiction readers more insightful? A test tells you whether you are or not. I'm obviously not!
  • It's True - Well, Almost
    This posting was provoked by the fact that I was reading THE TIN ROOF BLOWDOWN and having trouble in distinguishing fact from fiction. It made me think of Truman Capote and "fictionalised fact".
  • Macavity Award 2008 Nominees announced
    Lots of readers say whether a book has won an award makes no difference to them at all. And often when the award is announced we lose sight of the other nominees. I find the lists really interesting and they do influence my choice of what to read.
    A quick read. A set of short stories starting with one when Dalziel & Pasoe first met.
  • REVIEW: EVIL INTENT, Kate Charles
    I've been listening to this in the car, finally got the 12 CDs finished. I'll miss Annie Aldington's excellent reading to and from work.
Breaking News this week:
What I am reading:
  • now - GALLOWS LANE, Brian McGilloway
  • next - THE DARKEST HOUR, Katherine Howell
  • audio book - APPEAL DENIED, Peter Corris


Anonymous said...

Macavity Award 2008 Nominees announced

NOOooo!!! Another list! eek! :-D

I'm horrible with knowing genres. Maybe someday I'll peg all that down. I just know if I like a book I read it, regardless of genre. I like the Capote comment, too "fictionalized facts." He certainly was good for that. Did you know he's the model for the character Dill in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Marie Cloutier said...

Awards influence what I read, too- the Booker Prize for example has been a great way for me to find books I enjoy. I am going to look at the Macavity Award list now :-)


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