8 June 2008

Sunday Salon #12 - 8 June 2008

Well, we are back home again after 2 weeks in Abu Dhabi. It's 14.5 Celsius here in good old Adelaide today- quite a change after 40+ in AD for the last 2 weeks.

Some good books for the crime fiction lovers amongst you to look for this week.

My postings for the last week:
  • Over on oz_mystery_readers we begin discussing Reginald Hill's A CURE FOR ALL DISEASES this week. In July 1-10 we discuss DEAD LOVELY by Helen Fitzgerald.
  • Maddy Van Hertbruggen has been shortlisted for an Anthony Award for Special Services. The Yahoo Group 4MA (For Mystery Addicts) owes its existence to Maddy. 4MA is a very strong discussion group of just over 1000 members. It is very active so if you join, be prepared for lots of emails. This is not Maddy's first nomination for an award for special services to the industry. Last year she was nominated for a Spine Tingler Award.

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Anonymous said...

You seem to have been busy! Good for you!


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