29 June 2008

Reading the Mind in the Eyes

Amazing what happens when you just look at the eyes!
The image to the right is a good friend. Would you say he was frowning, smiling, grinning, or perhaps just thinking?
Just capturing his eyes really changed my perception of what the rest of his face was doing!

The test which you can get to through the link below is from an experiment which reported that readers of fiction are more insightful, have highly developed empathy and understand the social manners that the world works to, compared to non-readers and readers who read non-fiction only.


I scored a measly 18, so don't feel embarrassed about commenting on what you scored.

If you are interested in reading further background on the above visit An Eye on Fiction from January Magazine, which describes the whole thing.

If you want to analyse yourself further, which I don't, there are more tests here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kerrie, I got 22. That was a really interesting test. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I got a 27, which probably means I read between the lines too much. ;-)


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