13 November 2008

How's This for a Reading List?

Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind points out that submissions for the 2009 Edgar Awards close on November 30. The Edgar Awards are given by Mystery Writers of America. Nominations (chosen from the submissions) are usually announced in the middle of January (on or near Edgar Allan Poe's birthday) of the following year and the winners are announced at the annual Edgar® Awards Banquet, which takes place in New York City in late April or early May each year.
The categories are
The submission rules:
  1. The work must be published for the first time in the United States in 2008. Only a work with a copyright date of 2008 will be eligible for consideration in 2008 (with the following exception; see the note below).
  2. Foreign books may have an earlier copyright but the year of consideration must be the year of its first publication in the United States.
  3. Television episodes, features and miniseries, plays, and motion pictures must have been shown for the first time in the United States in 2008.
  4. In the case of plays, which often have many readings, workshops and showcases in advance of a premiere performance, the determination of whether a production has a "first" or major performance in the judging year is left to the discretion of the best play committee.
  5. A work may be submitted to only one committee except in the case of the Robert L. Fish Award and the Mary Higgins Clark Award.
So if you want an immense reading list in crime fiction trot over and check the dozens of submissions in each category. I can't even begin to think how the judges go about narrowing lists like this down.

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