4 November 2008

What does Kurt Wallander look like?

I've always thought that Henning Mankell himself looked a bit like Kurt Wallander, but here are the 3 current TV/film faces. What do you think?

Rolf Lassgård

Krister Henriksson

Kenneth Branagh

Henning Mankell


Louise said...

I like the Krister Henriksson Wallander, but look forward to see Kenneth Branagh...? Is he going to be Wallander in a movie or...? My parents have a whole series of Wallander-movies on dvd, but I am not really sure if it is Rolf Lässgaard or Krister Henriksson playing Wallander.



Anonymous said...

Good question! I could google and cheat, but I won't. I love deep voices.

Kerrie said...

So which do you think best fits your image of Kurt Wallander from the books?

Anonymous said...

None of them, really. I imagine him as more overweight, less handsome, with less hair. But I suppose that would not make a good film chracter (or at least, not popular).
I am quite heartended by the Branagh shot because he looks more like Wallander might look than I thought - but in the shot on the cover of my daughters' TV guide the other week he did not look a bit like W, more like a matinee idol (even though one daughter says "Branagh is very old" whereas to me he is forever the 23-year-old who wrote his autobiography!).

I think the one on the far left (pixellated so a bit hard to tell) seems the most similar, to me.

Kerrie said...

There's a good site at http://www.inspector-wallander.org/index.html Maxine

Lourdes said...

Kenneth Branagh as Wallander? Branagh is much too good-looking. I'll still tune in, of course. And Branagh will be very easy on the eyes!

Kerrie said...

Branagh looks pretty scruffy in the promo photoes Lourdes


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