22 November 2008

Love Books, Give them away

On on life & other conveniences today, Sandra Ruttan urges us all to give books for Christmas, and she has a few recommendations. She links her blog post to the UNESCO site for World Book & Copyright Day even though it doesn't happen until April 23. But Sandra says it shouldn’t be too hard to persuade you to declare an “unofficial” book day and go buy a book…. Should it?

So consider that a recommendation from me too - give a book for Christmas!
Most Christmases I have the "year of"...
Last year most of the younger near and dear got a USB stick. I didn't give them to the older ones in recognition of the fact that most of them would not have a use for it. However the daughters, sons-in-law, and nieces and nephews were appreciative.
It has in the past been the year of the calendar, the year of the chocolates, the year of the socks, the year of funny mugs, and even the year of the book.

There are such a great bunch of crime fiction titles available at present that choosing should be easy. Don't worry too much about what they read! Make sure it is something you haven't read so they can have the pleasure of lending it to you after they've read it.

Check my reading list for 2008 for some recommendations.

Do visit the World Book and Copyright day site, there is a great animated cartoon. Here are some "grabs" from it to whet your appetite:

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Logan Lamech said...

It's a great gift idea, get some of these people away from the boob tube.

Logan Lamech


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