26 January 2012

Celebrating Australia Day, 26 January 2012

Nice and hot here today in Adelaide.
Staying inside in the cool..
Watching the tennis, the cricket, and reading crime fiction.

Fair Dinkum Crime is celebrating Australia Day with a competition to win a book by an Australian crime fiction author - a warning - you'll have to do some research for it!

Here are the Australian crime fiction titles I read in 2011
  1. 4.6, WATCH THE WORLD BURN, Leah Giarratano
  2. 4.8, WHISPERING DEATH, Garry Disher
  3. 4.3, RING OF FIRE, Peter Klein
  4. 4.8, VIOLENT EXPOSURE, Katherine Howell
  5. 4.4, BEREFT, Chris Womersley
  6. 4.8, THE DIGGERS REST HOTEL, Geoffrey McGeachin
  7. 5.0, THE WRECKAGE, Michael Robotham
  8. 3.9, DIAMOND EYES, A. A. Bell
  9. 4.8, COLD JUSTICE, Katherine Howell
  10. 4.3, THE SERPENT AND THE SCORPION, Clare Langley-Hawthorne
  11. 4.2, DARK WATER, Georgia Blain
  12. 4.7, WYATT, Garry Disher
  13. 4.4, D-E-D DEAD! Geoffrey McGeachin
  14. 4.4, THE PERICLES COMMISSION, Gary Corby 
  15. 4.7, PRIME CUT, Alan Carter 
  16. 4.5, THE HALF-CHILD, Angela Savage
Why don't you join the Aussie author challenge for 2012 and try some Aussie authors for yourself?
Click on the image to the right to be transported to the challenge site.

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